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  • Our property is 8.5 acres located on the north side of the Municipality of Tweed, The lots to the north and south of the property are uninhabited, so ours is very private. The segment of the Black River abutting our property is uncharacteristically wide and deep, making ours the best part of the river.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: The driveway is made of gravel and is over 1000 feet long. Some parts of the driveway descend rather steeply. A vehicle with front-wheel drive only may struggle going back up the driveway. If this happens to you, we suggest you turn your vehicle around and go up the hill backwards. And, if your vehicle has Traction Control, it will likely help to turn this feature off as you ascend the driveway. This has worked for us! Added for 2022 are three mini-parking areas along the driveway, including two at the top before the deep descent.

  • Firewood is provided, as well as an axe to split firewood further. Bring your own fire-starter paper and matches/lighter. Fires must be supervised by an adult at all times and extinguished completely with water. Dousing pails are available in the boat shed, water is in the river. If needed, a copy of our Tweed Burn Permit is stapled to the outside wall of the barn, above the wood pile. Consult the City of Tweed fire burning regulations for more safety info (camp fires are listed as "recreational burning").

  • There is a single portable toilet on the property for your use. The toilet company comes and cleans the toilet mid-week.

  • Regarding the riverfront, there is both a dock for swimming and a canoe for your use. The boat shed is equipped with canoe paddles, two adult-size life jackets, and two youth-size life jackets. There are also various swim goggles, water flippers and water shoes. Please hang life jackets back up after using them so they can dry properly.

  • Bring your own tenting supplies. You are free to bring a trailer, but be sure to see the note above about the steep driveway.

  • Cell phone reception is generally good. Tested with Rogers, Bell and Freedom Mobile.

  • The cliffs on the property are quite steep. Cliff climbing is not allowed. No exceptions.

  • No smoking is permitted anywhere on the property.

  • Use of the property is provided 'as is', and all users of it assume all risks and liabilities by its use.

  • We are offering our property for free. There is no charge for its use.


  • Supervise your children at all times, especially by the river.


  • No diving off the dock. Water levels are too low, and the river is not deep enough for diving.



  • Keep the boat shed neat and tidy.

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